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A "risk - room" where companies could ask for:

  • analysis
  • reports
  • information
  • advisory services
  • consultancy services

on their credit and market exposure in Italy and South European Markets.

Analysis and reports are redacted in English languages (or in Spanish, Dutch, Germany on request) and only for each customer and for each request: we don't use standard report but we redact a credit/risk analysis to understand your counterparty business risk.

Risk reports and auditing reports are certified by credit risk managers and/or auditors.

With yearly subscription you can have FREE and UNLIMITED ACCESS to ALL OUR SERVICES and we guarantee the delivery at your e-mail address WITHIN 48 HOURS from acceptance of your request every day included Saturdays and Sundays so you can decide to cover your credit risks just-in-time.
Without yearly subscription you can have access ONLY to some services and we guarantee the delivery at your e-mail address WITHIN 10 DAYS from acceptance of your request.

Requests for subscriptions should be sent to:

For a quote OR for a test of our services we are at your disposal at:


Our target is giving assistance to:

  • international companies (distributors / suppliers)
  • export/import companies
  • investment companies
  • other companies

that are working with and within Italy and South Europe markets.

with credit analysis, financial reports, informed decisions, advisory services, consultancy services concerning Business Credit (this is the reason of this web-site BizCredits) and so
minimizing their transactions and trading/business/credit risks.

In a correct
terminology*, Risk Management is defined as the process of understanding and managing the risks that the organization is inevitably subject to in attempting to achieve its corporate objectives.
The Institute of Risk Management provides a more detailed definition of risk management as:
the process by which organizations methodically address the risks attaching to their activities with the goal of achieving sustained benefit within each activity and across the portfolio of all activities. The focus of good risk management is the identification and treatment of these risks. Its objective is to add maximum sustainable value to all the activities of the organization. It marshals the understanding of the potential upside and downside of all those factors which can affect the organization. It increases the probability of success and reduces both the probability of failure and the uncertainty of achieving the organisation’s overall objectives.
Through these definitions, risk management can be seen:
-linked closely with achieving business objectives
-addressing both upside and downside risks
-involving the identification and treatments of risks
-reducing both uncertainties and the probability of failure
The benefits of enterprise risk management are:
- aligning risk appetite and strategy
- linking growth, risk and return
- enhancing risk response decisions
- minimising operational surprises and losses
- identifying and managing cross-enterprise risks
- providing integrated responses to multiple risks
- seizing opportunities
- rationalising capital
The Risk Management architecture contains these elements:

1) Risk Management Strategy
2) Risk Management Process
2a)-Risk Assessment
- risk identification
- risk estimation
- risk evaluation
2b)-Risk Reporting
- systematic review of risk forecasting
- systematic monitoring of risks and actions to manage these risks
- risk auditing
2c)-Risk Treatment
- risk control/mitigation
- risk avoidance
- risk transfer and risk financing
* Source Management Accounting Risk and Control Strategy – Cima Publishing- Elsevier 2005

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